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During the 2016 legislative session, the People, Power and Democracy Project will examine ethics, transparency and accountability in state government.

We are a collaborative, multi-media partnership between KUNM-FM, New Mexico PBS, New Mexico In Depth and the New Mexico News Port. Stories from this project will also run in other media outlets across New Mexico.

A report last year from the Center for Public Integrity gave New Mexico a D- on government integrity. Some key takeaways:

Of all 50 states NM has the biggest “enforcement gap.” That’s the difference between its laws (some of which are quite effective) and the way they’re enforced (which critics say is sometimes not at all).

New Mexico fails spectacularly at ethics enforcement, ranking 45th.

New Mexico also ranked near the bottom of the list for lobbying disclosure, tied for 43rd.

All told, the report shows that New Mexico fails in six areas, including campaign finance, public access to information and accountability of the executive and legislative branches.

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