From Russia to Iceland by train

Ola, mundo!

My name is L.A. One week ago I arrived to my home city from Spain > Italy > Brazil > France trip and after 10 days I’m going to travel again! It will start in Iceland and ends in May, in Thailand. And if about Thailand everybody heard a lot of stories, stories about Iceland to promise to be interesting.

Here is our roadmap:

23.10 train from my home city (Perm, Russia) to Saint-Petersburg (26$)
24.10 bus Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki (15$)
25.10 plane Helsniki — Reykjavik with connection in Oslo (200$ for round trip)
25.11 plane Reykjavik — Helsniki
25.11 bus Helsinki — Saint-Petersburg(15$)
26.11 plane Saint-Petersburg — Ekaterinburg (40$)

And already 27.11 I will go to Bali, Indonesia from Ekaterinburg.

So, in general, road estimate for all trip form Russia to Iceland is 296$ per person. Looks great. Hope that all my trip will be cheap.

Train station in my city
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