Your Career Narrative: a guide to building the elevator version

Speaking about YOURSELF is difficult for most people, especially for solopreneurs. The form below may help guide you with that, making sure you are not under-representing where you started in your career, what you’ve accomplished and where you are going. (And who knows, if you get good enough at it, you might become the next leader of the free-world).
Let me know how we can improve it.

Professionally, I’m a ______ (your profession), specializing in ______ (micro-scoped profession). My background is ______ (quick overview of jobs/companies). I began ______ (here is where you start transitioning into your experience as it relates to today), ______ (time frame). Today I am ______ (what you do that speaks to what you want to do more of). I ______ (how you make it happen from a logistical perspective) ______. I am located ______ (geographic). I am really excited about working in ______ (how your work purpose and history intersect, showcasing your relevance and marketability for what you WANT next).