Confessions of a S.H.E.

Side Hustle Entrepreneur

Certified Empowerment Coach, Toneille Bent, is the Founder and CEO of Essence-tial Truths Empowerment Coaching. Here is her SHE Confession:

To tell the “essence-tial truth” about being a side hustle entrepreneur, I thought that my business would soar overnight. I have carried my vision and passion for coaching for so many years that I felt once I officially launched, I would obtain clients quickly and easily. Many in my sphere of influence know about my credentials and calling, and have been supportive. With that, I felt certain that I would put the word out, and have a flood of clients coming my way. The truth is that it takes time to build any business. It takes dedication, patience, and focus. It takes being able to manage disappointment, and not allow it to shut you down in your vision.

Another element of being a “S.H.E.-ro” is that not everyone you thought would support you in launching your business necessarily does. This is where belief in yourself, in your business, and in the difference you seek to make must be sure. This is where you must clarify who genuinely IS a part of your support system, or “triumph team” as I like to call it.

Toneille Bent, Founder, Essence-tial Truths Coaching

What many would not necessarily guess about my journey, is the amount of self-doubt that I have had to overcome to put Essence-tial Truths in motion. They would not look at me and see or sense the fear, or the fact that I’ve had my own battles with many of the things my own clients face. This, I believe, is what makes my work even stronger and important. This is why I dedicate myself to serving others; because I relate, and I have found answers that have allowed me to persevere, “POWER ON” as I say, and make sure that I leave this life emptied of my purpose. We all want to be seen, and we all want to feel safe in our spaces of vulnerability and truth. It is my mission that Essence-tial Truths and I make that a reality for those we serve.

Essence-tial Truths is an empowerment and transformational coaching service dedicated to partnering with those seeking breakthrough in many areas. My passion for self-actualized living for myself and for others brought me to becoming certified as a life coach by Valorie Burton’s CaPP CTI coach training program. Essence-tial Truths is an extension of my passion and life purpose to live my best life in truth, and in wellness on all fronts. The work that I do as a coach is not about my own breakthrough and success as much as it is about my clients’. The work is theirs. I just serve as a source of encouragement, enlightenment, and support along the journey.



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