Experiential Learning

Here’s a quick lesson and a challenge to make your training more effective. We know that people learn better through activity and group participation. To make your training more effective, add a little debriefing.

According to 101 More Ways to Make Training Active by Elaine Biech, “(the debriefing process) is critical to ensure transfer of learning.” What is the debriefing process? Read the attached paragraph and notes. It will take you less than 1 minute!

Now apply what you’ve learned. What elements will you add to the end of your class to help your learners debrief?

Some great examples of debrief questions

  • What did you learn that will help you (be a better leader, more effectively care for someone…)?
  • How will you use what you have learned?
  • Which concepts that we have covered are new to you?
  • What resources would you like to share with the other participants?
  • What will you do differently as a result of this class?
  • How will this knowledge make a difference in your everyday work habits?

Try adding a few of these to the end of your class, especially following a class activity or simulation like role playing.

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