The New Story community is filled with gratitude as we announce the Kalil Family Foundation as our newest supporters.

Former NFL star center, Ryan Kalil, is passionate about empowering low-income families in Latin America and applying technology for maximum impact.

New Story is a four-year-old housing nonprofit pioneering solutions to end global homelessness. What do this young charity and former NFL center have in common? Passion for utilizing innovation to solve the world’s homelessness crisis.

Recently, the Kalil family decided to generously donate to fund homes in the world’s first 3D printed community, under construction later this year.

How Keith Krach is accelerating our quest to transform slums into human-centered communities

New Story is proud to announce Keith Krach as the New Story Advisory Board Chairman. As Chairman and CEO of DocuSign, Krach built a world-class advisory board comprising over 250 top global executives, government officials and social entrepreneurs. This appointment represents another strategic move by New Story, following last month’s launch of 3D printed homes. Krach’s addition to the team will provide firepower to New Story’s noble cause through his legendary network and proven track record of building hyper-growth companies.

The team all together wrapping up Q1 in El Salvador.

Another quarter, another update to bring you inside of what’s been happening inside our walls . Can we start by saying, “THANK YOU!”? If you’re reading this, you’re clearly invested in New Story. We’re honored to be on this journey with you. Have thoughts, feedback, or questions? We love ‘em! Send them my way so we’ll know more than our moms are reading this.

What we did in Q2 2017:

We raised $244,868.89 for homes from 907 donors, enough to fund about 40 homes. We also confirmed an exciting 80 home ($480,000) partnership with G2 Crowd. (More about this later this quarter.)

Additionally, 51 homes (previously…

At New Story, we believe creating change should be an open source pursuit. Those words may sound a little fancy/nerdy, but to us it just means we want to share what we’re doing (even the things that don’t work out as planned!) and learn and grow with each other.

As our donors, builders, and company stalkers (don’t worry — we like lurkers) we’re bringing you inside New Story and sharing the good, bad, and ugly of what’s happened over the last quarter.

What we did in Q1 2017:

We raised $856,000+ for homes (plus about $100k for our operations) from about 989 donors, enough to fund…

Learn what happened in New Story’s second year of operations. The impact, strategy, and the key areas to improve.

Addressed to New Story’s Builders, Advisors and close friends of the organization. Written by Brett Hagler, CEO, on Dec 27, 2016.

We believe safe homes unlock potential.

New Story family,

2016 was a dream come true to see our passion and hard work turn into a reality. It was our second year of operations, after coming off a great first year hyped by going 0–200 homes, press and Y Combinator. …

Connecting The Big Vision With The Quarterly Plan

“A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.” — Old Proverb

Originally published on Brett Hagler’s LinkedIn.

This past weekend the New Story team took a trip to Carmel, CA to decide on the next quarterly priorities that will get us closer to our 10-year vision of building 1,000 communities by 2026. 10 years… that’s a long time from now. How do we make it real, alive, and not just a dream?


Brett Hagler shares our story of getting into Y Combinator when the odds were against us. Originally posted on LinkedIn.

The YC Summer 2016 application is due on March 24th, so here's the mindset we had 11 months ago when we applied to YC's Summer 2015 batch.

There was about a 99% chance we would not get in. This article explains how we (New Story) did get in, and how you can apply the same formula to any dream you have where the odds are stacked against you.

Here's the link to the YC Summer 2016 application, due by March…

What happened and how it happened…

From our first trip to Haiti… Mike, Matthew, Alexandria, Brett (me)

One year ago, Matthew, Alexandria, Mike and I built a solution to a problem that we wanted to change. How did it start? The goal at the time was not to build a world-class charity. We just wanted to give a few families new homes for the holidays. We thought if we could get them safe homes, then their entire life trajectories would be changed… and that’d be a big deal.

But to do this, it needed to be different than the same traditional charity experiences we all had.

What if we could directly…

There’s Officially a New Story in Leveque, Haiti

For almost 6 years, families in Leveque were living in a life-threatening tent slum. Kids grew up here, born here. No safety, sustained health, education and no opportunity. But the people of the tent slum, somehow, hung on to a string of hope. They dreamed and prayed for this story to change.

We found out about this story, and 11 months ago, built a platform that could directly connect the individual families in the tent slum to donors that could help. And the New Story donors did something crazy…


151 homes have been funded…

We, the team at New Story, have so much to be thankful for this year. And we could get into the long, long list of things we’re grateful for, but all can be summed up in one word: you.

Without your donations and help in sharing the message of New Story, there would never have been a successful 100 homes in 100 days. Friendly Human wouldn’t be able to lead #NoHomeNovember. That, and we wouldn’t be able to help change the lives of those in Leveque for the better. None of this would be possible without you.

Without you, there would be no New Story. Thank you!

So as you…

New Story

A nonprofit startup building homes and communities in the developing world.

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