A Father’s Love

“I love when I’m with my children … I want my children to focus on their school studies, but I also want to teach them other things, like who they should be friends with, and how they should act in certain situations.”
- Jonesse, father of 6

For five years, Jonesse has been working hard as a farmer to provide for his family of eight. Despite his efforts, he has been unable to move his family out of their tent and provide a home.

“When I have a house, I will feel really proud of that,” Jonesse says. “It will be like glory for me because I never had that.”

Jonesse’s tent is like a patchwork quilt: different materials pieced together to form some sort of a shelter for his family. In one corner is a bed that the children share, while Jonesse and his wife Elina roll a mat out on the ground for their bed. A house would be a mansion to Jonesse.

“I’ve been very happy to be with my children and they be healthy. I’m very grateful for that,” Jonesse tells us.

He begins describing each of his children to us: there’s his daughter Jonesse, who he says is very focused on school. His six-year old son Joless’ “role is the family is to play soccer,” Jonesse tells us with a laugh. Now, Videline, she really loves to cook and wants to take cooking classes.

As Jonesse talks about his kids, his love for each of them is obvious.

It’s love that moves him to work so hard, teach his kids, and love will move his family from a tent to a house.

Let’s show appreciation for Dads like Jonesse, who will do anything for the absolute best of their kids.

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