Campaigns We Love: Jack’s Stands

9-year old Jack Bonneau learned about New Story after his dad, Steve, pointed out entrepreneur and blogger Brad Feld’s tweet.

“I just gave a home to a family in Haiti,” it read. “Join me and ‪@newstorycharity to fund 100 homes in 100 days. ‪”

“When we saw what you guys were doing, we thought it was really cool,” Jack said.

Now, Jack isn’t your average 9-year old — much like our friend Olvitch, he is an entrepreneur, running a small business selling lemonade with the help of his dad Steve.

“My dad told me I had to earn the money [for a Lego set] on my own,” Jack said. “I asked how, and he said, ‘Well, Jack, why don’t you start a lemonade stand?’”

Jack set up shop at his local farmer’s market; he enjoyed it so much, he wanted to offer it to other kids.

He now has four lemonade stands in various farmers markets in Colorado. Parents and kids can sign up for a location and date to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

In the past few weeks, Jack made enough to accomplish his goal to provide a third of his profits to a charity of his choosing.

We are so excited that Jack chose to donate to New Story!

Jack funded Fenise, who has been living in a tent for five years.

“I just like helping other people,” Jack said. “Knowing that they’re not as fortunate as me, I want to help them have a better life.”

Jack donated $550 to New Story, closing out Feld’s campaign to fund Fenise ( Now, Fenise’s family of four will move into their new home in less than two months

“We saw a connection with New Story where with other charities, you donate to a black hole,” Steve said. “Here, there’s total transparency. [Jack and I] really like the close connection that [New Story] creates with the information, future videos of the effort, and individuals positively affected.”

Jack has shown that you don’t have to be an adult or successful business-person to change lives — he’s a 9-year old entrepreneur that gave what he could to make a difference.

Thank you Jack and Steve for your generosity and passion for helping others!

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