Campaigns We Love: Kendra Scott Gives Back Party

Kristi Hollinger and Chelsea Wolfe, two of the awesome girls that came with New Story on the Vision Trip, recently partnered with a local Kendra Scott store to raise money for their campaigns.

“We decided to start a campaign because we wanted to be able to go on the Vision Trip with something valuable that would help in the mission of changing lives,” Kristi said.

Kristi and Chelsea

Three weeks before the trip, Kristi and Chelsea decided to go and challenged themselves to raise $1,200 together.

When discussing fundraising with their small group, one of the girls mentioned she did the Community Events for local Kendra Scott stores and would love to host a fundraiser for Kristi and Chelsea!

“She literally booked it right there,” Kristi said. “Kendra Scott sent us the template invite and all we did was invite our group via email, Facebook and Instagram to spread the word.”

Kendra Scott provided the food and drinks and invited a few of their own friends from the area.

During the party, 20% of sales went towards Kristi and Chelsea’s goal.

“From the actual sales we raised about $200, but a few friends who could not make it to the event contributed to our online campaign and we raised double from that!” Kristi shared.

We love how Kristi and Chelsea thought outside of the box to help us build homes!

To find out how to start your own campaign to build a house, visit