Our 1 Year Review

New Story
New Story
Dec 11, 2015 · 4 min read
From our first trip to Haiti… Mike, Matthew, Alexandria, Brett (me)

As time went on, we realized we weren’t just funding homes, but we were building whole communities. We learned that homes create communities and communities shape societies — and that’s what we’re on fire to do.

$1,630,000 Raised

180 Homes Funded

900 Life Trajectories Changed

Y Combinator

Finished the Leveque Tent Slum

Hola El Salvador — Expansión

Strong Board of Advisors

Word Got Out

(Our team is not this big… as of 12/11, it’s Mike, Matthew, Brett (me), Alexandria.)

How It Happened

What’s Next — Year 2

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    New Story

    A nonprofit startup building homes and communities in the developing world.

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