Are Are Septic Systems Really That Important?

Rural or suburban living is quiet and relaxing. If you plan to leave the hustle and bustle of city life, prepare to get a wastewater treatment system of your own. Once you have a house away from the city, you need a personal sewage system. This is a septic system, equipped with a septic tank. Take note that proper maintenance should always be performed on your septic, so that you can have a lasting wastewater treatment system.

Why a Septic System is Important

A septic system is crucial in having a healthy and safe living environment. Imagine the wastewater and greywater your household produces every single day. Wastewater comes from your toilet. Greywater comes from the shower, sink, dishwasher, and washing machine. These have to be treated properly before they return to the surrounding environment. This is why the septic system is important.

The septic system stores all the raw wastewater in the septic tank. This is where the anaerobic bacteria take action. The tank accepts scum, oils, solid waste, and wastewater. With the help of anaerobic bacteria, the wastewater separated into three. The upper scum layer that has lightweight solid waste materials; the middle clear effluent layer, which does not have solid waste materials; and the bottom sludge layer that contains aerobic bacteria and broken down solid waste materials.

Once the clear effluent is ready, it passes through the drain field in a safe form. It does not harm the environment at all. With the help of your septic system, you can be sure of a clean home and yard. Just make sure that you maintain it well.

Septic Care

Caring for your septic system involves the following:

· Avoid dumping non-biodegradable materials into your drains and toilets. These cannot be broken down by anaerobic bacteria. They will just clog the system and cause septic backups, flooding, and failure.

· Schedule pump outs. Pumping out your septic system is necessary. You have to speak to your septic expert about your living conditions, so that proper pump out schedules can be established. The sludge needs to be eliminated, so that your septic system can run smoothly again.

Keep your septic system optimal, so that you can enjoy a clean and sanitized living environment for a long period.

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