By definition, the meaning of the word body is: the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead. In school we learn how they work, what they need, and why certain things happen. At home and through life we personally learn about our bodies and our emotions. Socially we compare ourselves to others and criticize ourselves because we think we were built wrong, or we tear apart at each other with hurtful words or actions without a thought in mind. We all know that love comes from the inside and so does beauty and personality always beats the looks. Yet we forget that our bodies, they are not toys. Our bodies are something we should take care of and take pride in. Take pride in every flaw because no one else on this earth has that exact flaw, it’s completely yours, so own it! Don’t abuse it with your own words or even consider that someone else’s words are right, because who are they to say YOUR body isn’t perfect! It’s yours, you have to take pride in that, because you only get this one body. You cannot mark your skin with objects that give you slight relief and feel better about yourself later, if you do then you have to come to terms with what you’ve done. You can not eat unhealthy everyday and expect for your body to be good to you when you aren’t for it. Love your body and it will love you back. It’s a relationship, and it’s an important one. It’s not a relationship that you cam walk away from. You can fight it sure, but it will; in most cases; win. It’s structured and built with materials specially picked for you. So a body is a lot of things, but it should never be put to waste. Love your body and live happily, because you’ll know you’re doing something right for yourself, not others, and that’s needed. So when you look in a mirror- smile- smile not to check your teeth, but to remind yourself that you own you and no one can change that.

Bodies are our foundations.

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