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NewTribe Capital — The Journey and the Future


Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But what no one might realize is how quickly it’s being adopted by companies across all industries to streamline business processes, cut costs, and bolster security.

Back in 2019, when Bitcoin was merely just another cryptocurrency that people were yet skeptical of, the team of Newtribe Capital, then a small group of individuals and industry experts, believed the technology underlying Bitcoin would bring about a once-in-a-lifetime seismic shift in the financial industry. The future is bright for everyone and we aim to make it brighter by investing in blockchain projects.

Today, we as a team, work together to back the Blockchain innovators, investing in people, and bringing excellence to the table. Thus, this makes us proud to call ourselves a Crypto and DeFi-based Venture Capital that thrives to invest in excellence. We offer complete assistance through recruitment, legal support, technical advisory, and marketing expertise.

Blockchain is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so. — Bob Greifeld, CEO, NASDAQ

What do we do?

Newtribe Capital is an International Venture Capital Private Equity firm focused on Blockchain and Crypto private token sale investment. We provide services to support every project and give access to our established network. We partner with you long-term to set you up for success.

NTC works closely with a wide range of Launchpads to help upcoming projects enter the market in the most effective way possible. To name a few of them, our Launch Platform partnerships include Paid, Poolz, Launchpool, A2DAO, Duck Dao, Sheesha Finance, and many more.

Marketing Outreach

Our strength comes from the fact that we are very well connected with the crypto community in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Turkey, and the CIS region.

We have numerous connections and expert panel advisors spread across the globe to facilitate support for the projects by all means. We work closely with & have a connection with a wide range of KOL’s & social media influencer services to enhance brand awareness and to strategically promote the project across various platforms including Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

We have a good community base on Social platforms such as Telegram to ensure organic reach and to spread awareness for the projects that we bring in. We even have renowned connections on networking platforms like Linkedin from the Blockchain and Crypto space to promote projects and to seek expert help across all domains.


One of the things that brought us together right from the beginning was our shared vision for this company. Yes, we all had a shared vision because one of our mottos as an investment firm is to invest in people. That makes us different from any other venture capital firm out in the market.

The Blockchain is like the Internet found back in the early 90s, it has got infinite possibilities to change, bend and create things we see around us. It has got tremendous power to revolutionize everything that we see around us today, just the right way. All it takes is the courage to set up the path and some visionary minds with an intent to bring this to a reality. Thus, the founders and advisors that we work with share our collective vision to revolutionize the blockchain movement.

We are currently investing in ecosystems, including but not limited to Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Kusama, Solana, and more.

Sectors that we are currently investing in, include, but are not limited to Cryptocurrency Mining, Yield Farming, DeFi, Trading, DAO, Video Streaming, DEX, Gaming, Blockchain Interoperability, Social, NFT Exchange, Prediction Markets, Asset Tokenization, NFT, Cross Chain, Liquidity Providers, Fantasy Sports, P2P Protocol, Privacy, Wallets, Exchanges, Trading Tools, Real Estate, Risk management, Music, Automation Protocol, VR, DeFi Tools, Liquidity farming and more!

Dhaval Parikh, Co-Founder, NewTribe Capital

Our philosophy is successful because we invest in relationships, not deals. Deals are simply transactions. We build exceptional relationships with companies that last, collaborating on projects with conviction.
Dhaval Parikh, Co-Founder, NewTribe Capital

Our Strength

Newtribe Capital works closely with leading Market Makers to ensure the success of our investee projects. We assist our projects in the portfolio to connect to the very best Market Maker who can tailor a strategy for your project to ensure price appreciation.

We have a rapidly growing & expanding network of investee companies across various ecosystems, sectors & global markets. We can help connect & form strategic partnerships with any of the other projects & companies within our booming network.

We have a very diversified ecosystem of partners that can help with the market expansion and international growth of the projects that we invest in. Our portfolio comprises 60+ investments, some of which are Launchpool, Splyt, Ureeqa, Apyswap, Unido, Hapi, Standard Tech, O3 Labs, Digicol, IOI Game, Base protocol, and many more.

We attend lots of Crypto workshops and events to ensure the VC fund remains well connected to the market. A recent one being the Global Blockchain Congress event that we represented in Dubai in February 2021. This was an event that discussed Casper and its use cases. We also sponsored a Crypto-Centric event on a yacht in March 2021 which was very successful.

The Team Behind

A team is not a group of people who work together.
A team is a group of people who trust each other.
Simon Sinek

Just like behind everything great, there’s a great team behind it — so is it true with NTC. The entire Newtribe Capital team comes from diversified backgrounds and brings truly unique experiences to the table. The founder and CEO, Dhaval Parikh himself is one such unique visionary mind, he is a crypto and blockchain enthusiast who has been monitoring and investing in this space for a long time. He is a key person for project identification and investment strategy.

Juliet Su, Public Relations Manager, NewTribe Capital
Juliet Su, Partner, NewTribe Capital

Juliet Su has worked in the marketing industry for more than ten years and established relationships with a wide range of people from various domains — Juliet is ideally suited to be a Partner at NTC. Juliet is the CEO of the Eurasian Centre of Innovation and Digital Economy. She is also the Co-organizer of Digitalweek online and a renowned face in the crypto space. She is one of our backers and active members.

The CTO Prashant Chaudhary is an experienced technologist and comes from a background of startups. He has been a part of founding members of various startups and helped them build industry presence across the globe. Prashant has got a perfect mix of entrepreneurial and technological skills experienced in building customer-centric products and solutions covering very diverse industry verticals and technology stacks.

With such unique and passionate people on board, working from different parts of the world, and hunting down the right people to invest in — No idea seems to be difficult to turn it into a reality.

With that being said, Newtribe Capital is honored to have worked with some brilliant minds and ideas on the planet that aim to conceptualize and build new blockchain ecosystems and products. So far, Newtribe Capital has invested in dozens of projects and several established companies including some renowned names from the Crypto space. As said earlier, our goal is to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem while working with different people, different ideas that bring change!

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