There is no specific pattern regarding movie production, gross, and score in the last 10 years… But in 2016, less movies were made while the average movie made more money than movies did in the previous years and had a higher IBM score.


1. Vis. Análisis:

This is Data on Venezuelan internet usage and social media consuption accross diferent platforms. There is very limited information on this and many times isn't 100% trustworthy. Data, always but specially in this case, should be accompanied by other sources and research.

Good choice of charting. The lines help empasize the trend and contrast between the twitter use increase and facebook use decrease from February 2017. Why Facebook, which 6 months earlier was being yused almost five times more than twitter and then went on to being used four times less in just a year is definitely a stroy. This also very clearly and visually points out that other social media simply are not in the game. Link to chart
In this chart there is a clear question that would lead to a story on why the internet usage stagnated between 2016 and 2017. I would say the data is wrong and they just registered the same number as the year before.. Also, why is there a information gap between 2009 and 2016? Moreover, Conatel is a goverment owened company.. We should always be thinking of where the data is coming from. Charts and numbers are only a source, not the complete story and can be wrong, biased or lying.
There is clearly something going on with the internet in the past year or two… Why has internet usage gone done when it has been growing for the past 15 years. It would be good to look at more precise numbers… it went down around 3%.. why?

2. Ten data-driven stories:

  • Media shut down in Venezuela in the last years… the last months.
  • Blocked sites in Venezuela
  • Internet service expansion- reduction in the country in the last couple of years.
  • Infrastructure investment by government or private sector in the last couple of years in relation to development of technology and other factors. Could work with comparison with other countries.
  • Government media control increase
  • Assault to media channels, journalists and newspapers in the last year.
  • Audience traffic on goverment media vs opposition media.
  • Analisis on data from twitter on followings of political figures, partisian news outlets, parties themselves, jourlists, etc..
  • Whatsapp/twitter usage during protest months ?


Good intro into charting for stories related to the economy, market and other math related stories. I honestly struggled a lot and with I could give a much better response.

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