The new Year Canvas? what’s that?

We’d like to share with you a filled Canvas we received today. It came with interesting suggestions and story. Big thanks to Nenad Kojić for sharing his canvas.

The New Year Canvas is a simple tool that achieves a complex task: brings your vision of future to the present and connect it with your values system. The process will show you inconsistencies in the shape of doubts, if you work on them, you’ll come up with amazing realisations. Give a check:

My canvas. First of all I found the whole process of filling the canvas very entertaining. However, finding structure is super fun to me, so maybe it won’t be as fun for everyone. It took me a bit less than 2 hours — but I came to it with what I think were pretty solid visions of ideal present and future — so it may take more.
You have to articulate the visions first, no doubt.
Then you may want write out your “normal day” and see how daily activities so far, if at all, are aligned with the visions. You basically find where you are screwing it up and wasting time — which activities are not contributing to your visions or maybe even which visions or principles are not included in your day to day activities at all!
Next you write out your “perfect day”. Fill the whole 24 hours, make it perfect!
However, to fill the ideal day on canvas, you have to be honest with yourself and really think hard. The “normal day” is obviously not bringing you where you want — that’s why you are making the canvas. And the “perfect day” is just not realistic — nobody is perfect.
To fill the true and honest “ideal day” you compare normal day with perfect day. You will certainly have to loose a few hours and bring it down to at least 20 or even less, otherwise it won’t be sustainable — you want to make it very flexible! Include everything — even sleep and food prep. And above all, be honest! Keep your “normal” day in mind — it will ground you.
When you have it all written down, it will stick in your mind! And the is where magic happens. Every daily activity is done with the canvas in mind. You start feeling how everything you do is contributing toward your goals.
When you reflect on it at the end of the day — don’t be too hard on you. It’s called ideal day — rarely is anything ideal. Be grateful for the steps you were able to make.
Besides, you’ll be making a new version soon. Then today’s ideal day will turn into a normal day. And your new version’s ideal day will be a few steps closer to perfect.

Nenad is a personal coach, expert in the field of evolutionary approach to health and human nutrition. He likes writing and he is the founder of Prvinski Vrt.

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