When You’re Stuck Mentally, Move Physically
Srinivas Rao

“Audiobooks are fair game I suppose. But music might actually be better. The goal really is to shut the logical mind off. And if you manage to do that you’ll better off.”

Its funny that I should be reading this so soon after this weekend. I was running my usual 13 mile route on Saturday, except I was pushing myself more than usual this time. At about the 10 mile mark, I realized two things: first, I was actually struggling to do the simple arithmetic I usually do to calculate my pace; and second, I realized one of my favorite songs was playing in my earphones and I didn’t even realize it.

Later, I rationalized that the extra exertion I was putting in forced my logical mind to shut off. It wasn’t a conscious effort: it did it without my input.

Since then (and during my shorter runs; I run each day), I’ve been trying to ascertain just what is it that caused that difficulty, and if it were something that should concern me, health-wise.

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