Dreamers Are New Yorkers

Today, there are 42,000 Dreamers in New York State who are enrolled in DACA — and nearly 800,000 across the country. Their lives are hanging in the balance because of President Trump’s illegal and discriminatory rollback of the program.

I am leading a coalition of 17 Attorneys General in a multistate lawsuit to protect these young people. While we continue our fight in court, we asked several of New York’s Dreamers to share their stories.

Meet Ricardo, Sinny, Lisa, Iljirijana, and Angie, as well as Angela, an advocate for immigrants who has been part of our fight.

Ricardo AcaDreamer

“Because of DACA, I was able to legally get a job at one of Trump’s hotels, so I know from personal experience that it is because of immigrants like myself that cities like New York even run.” — Ricardo Aca

Sinny Feliz, Lisa Cho, Iljirijana Glavatovic — Dreamers

“Deportation — it will end anything that we have here. Our livelihood. Our jobs. The life I’ve made here. My entire life is here. My entire life.” — Sinny Feliz

“I came here at six months. I don’t know no other home but the United States. There is a fear of me being deported to Montenegro. It’s a country I don’t know. I would have to start all over. It’s like raising a baby, but I’m raising myself, in a whole new world.” — Iljirijana Glavatovic

“My family has started to go back into the shadows in a sense, because if we get deported, we’ll be split up.” — Lisa Cho

Angie Kim — Dreamer

“New York literally exemplifies who immigrants are, and why immigrants are the backbone of this country. We are the country. We are Americans.” — Angie Kim

Angela FernandezDirector of the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights

“Our community, and our organization, is so grateful for the work the Attorney General has done, specifically around this DACA case. The rescission of DACA is a discriminatory act and therefore, considered unconstitutional. And we applaud Attorney General Schneiderman in taking the lead and ensuring that our laws are being respected.” — Angela Fernandez

Let me be clear: Dreamers are New Yorkers. Dreamers play by the rules, work hard, and pay taxes. For most, America is the only home they have ever known. They deserve to stay here — and if Washington refuses to protect them, we will keep fighting for them in court.

Learn more about our ongoing court fight to protect Dreamers here.

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