Limitless Potential When Painting Limitless Universes: An Interview With Superstar Artist Connie Rose

Boban John
Jun 15 · 7 min read

What is your entrepreneur story? How did you come about building your business as an artist?

‘Album cover for Dot Demo painted with watercolor, ink, and spraypaint’

Apart from other artists, what influences the way you paint and work?

What have you learned through your experiences as an entrepreneur that can be used by aspiring business individuals? What makes your business so unique and successful?

What have you learned through your journey as an entrepreneur?

What skills and attributes make you as successful as you are?

Why is online business, marketing, etc important?

When is your next exhibition?

Boban John

Written by

Official Editor of Business Pioneers, wordsmith, ‘wholistic’ health nut and a wanderer who is always willing to explore the bustling places.

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