EventChain SmartTickets — Solving ticketing issues for the event industry

Hello everyone, welcome back with my new article. I am currently going to share information about Plantform EventChain. Basically EventChain is a Smart Platform. For more details I will explain a bit and you can see my simple article about EventChain.

What is EventChain?
The EventChain Smart Ticketing platform was launched to create a peer-to-peer infrastructure where event tickets do not have excessive processing costs and are widely available on the platform for everyone. There are so many problems with the current event ticket industry that can be fixed by the EventChain SmartTicket platform.

Many event audiences were annihilated with monopolistic controls with common issues including unfair ticket fees, website crashes and a single point of failure, ticket fraud and ticket ticket redeployment, and unfair cuts for artists who do most of the work with little return.
With EventChain you can create online or local events from any device, and make Smart Tickets available to event participants globally.
The EventChain token benchmark network for event management presents an opportunity to upgrade the current event ticket industry to faster transactions, undisputed ticket vouchers and transparency of Event hosts and Smart Tickets that are fully flexible and programmable through the use of smart contracts on Ethereum Block.

EventChain presents event management opportunities to improve the event ticket industry which is now a faster transaction, non-refundable or revamped ticket vouchers, information will be fully delivered to program hosts and SmartTickets that are fully programmable in a flexible way.

EventChaint can be used as the ultimate solution for organizing the publishing and sale of your event tickets, and EventChaint can also find out the right price for tickets and transactions has been opened as it is based on this decentralized blockchain technology and finds all our operations can be found both inside and out, as well as more secrecy safe using this platform.

SmartTickets can be purchased by event Visitors directly on the EventChain network through various payment gateways.

Token EVC and other ERC20 tokens including Ether are the majority of ticket sales not only that other cryptocurrencies are also acceptable including bitcoin.

Event managers can also receive fiat currency for SmartTicket sales through payment gateways.

EventChain is a Golden Ways

Tokensale Eventchain:
EventChain Tokensale is September 13, 2017

Team EventChain:
1. Ashton Addison — CEO, Founder
Ashton earned BBA Business Administration, Accounting & Finance (University of the Fraser Valley) in 2016.
He has been a leader, entrepreneur and avid technologist of blockchain technology since 2013. With a decade of experience in markup language and website development and always hunger for knowledge, Ashton continues to study coding, introduce crypto, and live for cutting edge technology. With a special place for the Ethereum and smart contracts. He founded the online news network FinTech and digital broadcasting Crypto Coin Show and has a crypto community on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
2. Jesse Couch — Cripto legend & developer
Jesse is a crypto legend. Genetically engineered etereum block. Many 1000x and 100x back on top crypto project. Jesse is a veteran in the cryptographic industry, with extensive programming knowledge and experience as a crypto and proof developer and works in the development languages ​​of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
Entering the blockchain area in early 2011, it has long-term experience in bitcoin trading, altcoins and currently manages the block platform of Real Time Real Time Business Flow, integrating blockchain business with virtual reality at the forefront of innovation.
3. Dino Bassanese — Chief Product Manager
Dino has many years of experience in managing Software as a Service product development including in-depth target market research, competitor and strategic analysis, feature specifications, website design, wire framing and UI / UX, quality assurance.
His project management skills include planning, executing, controlling and closing his teamwork to meet specific goals based on tight software project deadlines. Its commitment to ensuring user friendly applications and customer focus is unparalleled.

For official information about EventChain:

Website : https://www.eventchain.io
Whitepaper : https://eventchain.io/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EventChain
Twitter : https://twitter.com/EventChain_io
Slack : https://join.slack.com/t/eventchain/shared_invite/MjE0NDY3NTQ0MTkyLTE1MDA1MDczNjItNmE5YmE3MGE2Nw
Ann/Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1978714

Written by TahuDiniHari