Indorse -Decentralized Professional Network

Hello everyone, welcome back with my new article. I am currently going to share information about Plantform Indorse. Basically Indorse is a Decentralized Professional Network. For more details I will explain a bit and you can see my simple article about Indorse.

Indorse — Decentralized Professional Network
What is indorse
Indorse is a revolutionary platform that uses a new model of tokenisasi and decentralization to transform the form of professional social networking. In short, users can finally share the benefits generated by the platform, because of the data, and not the money. Sign in to the company that stores its data.
Why is indorse created
Indorse is created so that anyone can be rewarded based on a decentralized professional social network, where you control your data and get it from there.

A team at a blockchain company called Indorse Pte. Ltd. developed Indorse platform. Indorse is a Singapore-based Company. 2 founders of Indorse Pte.Ltd. CTO- Gaurang Torvekar and CEO-David Moskowitz; both are known in cryptoworld and they have experience in blockchain technology for years.

They are also the founders of Attores Pte. Ltd. — a company that focuses on smart contracts on blockchain.

By using blockchain technology they aim to change the shape of a professional social media network system. Where token owners can take advantage of this platform to share their skills atu any of their activities on this platform and get their rewards. By doing activities of course this program will get the gap on advertisers and generate revenue. This revenue is distributed to each token holder depending on the large token he has.

The purpose of indorse focuses primarily on the issue of personal information from users and the marketing of this information, this action is perpetuated by the current social network. While trying to develop ownership of data to users, authorizing it into a platform that is not only fun but also beneficial to those who contribute to its content.

Indorse is developed through mechanisms and integration with other applications, such as uPort to minimize damage caused by Sybil attacks. The platform also has a token system, thus benefiting honest users for their contributions.
Indorse will have two INDORSE TOKEN (IND) and INDORSE SCORE (SCR) tokens.

IND TOKEN (Indorse Token)
an indorse token is a token that will be issued when the sale of tokens will be traded in return and may be used by advertisers to purchase ad units on the platform.
SCR TOKEN (Indorse Score)
The indorse score is a token. They are used to track member’s earnings and reputation. SCR token is denominated across units (no decimal) and can not be transferred between users.

Funds collected in Token Sale will be used as follows:
Product development (including developer team costs):

  1. 65% of development will involve technological development as described in this document. These include: App Token, smart contract system, publishing
    Systems, claims voting systems, advertising systems, and other relevant components.
    2. Sales and marketing: 20%
    Marketing spend will be used to bring new users into platforms, grow Partnerships, and bring ads to platforms.
    3.Operation: 10%
    Operational costs such as office rent, accounting, and day-to-day operations Overhead needs and costs are covered here. Operational costs also include code reviews
    And security audit.
    4. Legal Fund: 5%
    We think it’s a wise idea to hold some funds for potential legal issues that might happen.

Direct token sales will be made through an ethereum contract to support the Indorse Network. Distribution of 100 IND tokens and 1 SCR token will be distributed to supporters per Ether pursuant to the Presale Purchase Agreement.

No fraction of the SCR token to be distributed, therefore the number of Ether fractions, the SCR sign will be rounded down. The IND token shipped to supporters will represent 50% of the total supply created. 25% of total supply will be provided for future use and 25% will be held by network administrators, teams, advisors and seed supporters.

Supporters will send their Ether to the account specified on the Indorse website after a certain block number. The initial token sale will end when the final block is created, or when the number of ether sent to the account reaches the maximum amount.

If the token sales fails to generate a minimum amount of Ether, then the Ether sent to buy IND will be returned. Counselors and team members will go to prison 240 days before their IND tokens can be redeemed.

Token Presale
 Indorse will begin to take a non-binding commitment starting July 15th, and begin receiving ETHER and BTC from July 25 to August 3, 2017. The minimum presen present is 100 ETH or 10 BTC. Buyers will only accept BTC in pre-sale tokens only and do not accept BTC in crowdsale.

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