The True Nature of Circles

Shapes are a really funny thing, if ya really consider them.

First, ya got yer triangles, with the three points and the sharp lookin sides. Not a whole lot of things gotta triangle in em. Arrowheads for sure do, but that only makes triangles seems more dangerous. The pyramids are buncha cool too, but I never gonna visit em, so they don’t really matter much now do they? What about them love triangles that Shakespeare was always writing about an’ stuff? Those things never turned out any good anyhow. Triangles seems like a singularly dangerous shape, doncha agree?

Not a whole buncha stuff gotta triangle in em, what about a square or a rectangle. Now of course we got lots a things with them shapes in them. Phones for example, TV’s too. Lotsa electronics gotta rectangle in em. Maybe the future is just gonna be us making more and more advanced rectangles eh? Seems like rectangles gotta be the shape of the future.

Pentagons are a singularly stupid shape now aren’t they? What we got that comes in a pentagon? Well, we got that ugly ass building that the CIA or whatever is located in. Got hit in 911 but its all fixed up now. ‘Sides that building, what else we got goin’ on in the shape of pentagons? Not much, that’s what.

But we overlookin’ the most important shape now ain’t we? What ya think it is?

Its a circle you dumbass, ‘less you guessed that, then you a little less of dumbass than I thought.

The circle mighta be the most important shape we got in our society. All them sports got some kinda circle lookin’ thing goin’ on with them.

Tires are hella important for us and they all circles. Never gonna see a triangle tire cause that dat would be singularly dangerous as hell.

Burgers all round too (‘cept them Wendy’s burgers) and what gonna be more important to America than a scrumptious burger? Nothin’ that’s what. Lemme tell you, the burger shows you how damn important them circles be for America.

Gotta be honest wit you right now, I always hated circles. Circles always were hurtin’ me. I ain’t never seen a needle that wasn’t round. And I hate needles. My glasses are round too, and all them kids be callin’ me “Potter” cause they look like that movie character. Them glasses be hurtin’ me too and they circles.

Circles of people always what hurt me the most tho’. I always tryna get in to dat circle. I always be seeing people laughin’ and smilin’ on da inside and I want some of yer happiness. But ya never let me into the circle. Ya always gathered in the hall, laughing wit’ each other. I always tryna get in dat circle like I be a moth tryna get into that light on da porch. I always tryna find a table wit’ a free seat at it, an’ that seat always at da end of da table. I be sittin’ at da end of da table and ya be sitting there in a circle, wit’ everyone’s face turnin’ towards the middle laughin’ with light shinin’ off of ya faces.

I just be wantin’ some of dat light on my face, ya know?

The worst be when I say something, ya know, so I could get in da circle. Then the circle would break an’ ya would say something an everyone would laugh. An’ the circle be reforming again, an’ I’d be realizin’ that I was outside it again, wit’ no light on my face. Then I’d know dat they was laughin’ at me, the “Potter” boy.

Circles be how people hurt other people, ya be keeping me out of ya circles and it be hurtin’ me.

I just be wantin’ some of dat laughin’ on my face.

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