A Beautiful Difference

Men and women. We are as different as the sun is bright. It’s apparent in the way we speak, the way we sound when we speak, the things we say, the way we say the things that we say, they way we think, our tains of thought, the way we—well, you get the point. It’s no secret. Men and women have different needs; it is that way by design; a design we, most of the time, don’t fully comprehend, but a design that works beautifully — ask anyone who is, or has ever been in love. Anyone who loves anyone, so everybody, has personal experience about this. Whether it’s family, or friends, coworkers, roommates, a significant other, or any one, it’s pretty clear that gender differences can be taxing on a relationship. However, understanding, and accepting, that those differences are there and they are there to stay and never go away, is the first step to making things work. Once we’ve arrived at that realization, we know we have to adapt and adjust. Resignation, if you will, is what’s needed. Resigantion to the things we can’t control or change. Resignation, but with a purpose. Several books have been written about the subject of the differences between men and women, but few, if any, are as famous as Men Are From Mars, and Women Are From Venus. This book is a brilliant masterpiece that identifies the differences between the two genders and gives indredible insight as to how to deal with those differences. So, if you’ve been struggling to understand these differences and have been frustrated about it, then this is the books you need to read.

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