From Flames to Finance: Andy Mills' Inspiring Transition from Firefighter to Blockchain Baron

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3 min readSep 19, 2023


His journey began in the British Army, where as a member of the Corps of Royal Engineers, Andy acquired skills and values that would lay the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavours. The Army instilled in him a respect for discipline and the importance of self-reliance. But beyond discipline and duty, it was in 1988 that Andy's life was totally changed when he met Corinne, his soulmate and the woman with whom he would share a lifetime of memories.

His commitment to service didn't waver when he left the Army. Instead, Andy channelled it into a new form of service, joining the Fire & Rescue Service. This dedication culminated in a 30-year career that spanned two countries, South Glamorgan in Wales and Scotland. However, beneath the facade of the brave Firefighter lay a passion for holistic health and wellbeing.

Andy's foray into holistic health in 1998 marked the beginning of a two-decade-long entrepreneurial journey. Not only did he help individuals rehabilitate from injuries, but he also became an advocate for alternative nutrition and wellness.

When the world was just waking up to the powers of blockchain technology, Andy was already at the forefront, pioneering its integration into real-world industries such as Fintech, renewable energies, real estate and more. With Corinne by his side, this power couple embarked on a quest to enlighten thousands about the potential of blockchain and its derivatives.

The path to success was not without its challenges. Upon Andy's retirement from the Fire Service, a revelation awaited. The pension that was supposed to be the fruit of 30 years of hard work was barely enough to make ends meet. But setbacks only fuelled the Mills' resolve. They dug deeper into the world of blockchain, making it their mission to not only secure their financial future but to also empower others to do the same.

Their efforts bore fruit, and today, their business thrives, impacting thousands of lives. As Andy states, "Being able to have the choices in life you’ve always wanted for yourself, your family, and others makes us feel truly blessed."

From serving in the Army and the Fire Service to establishing a holistic health practice, Andy's achievements are many. He's played regimental rugby, Fire Brigade rugby, treated world champion bodybuilders, supported high level athletes as well as competing himself in the World Firefighter Games in the blue riband event the Toughest Firefighter Alive, and even introduced the UK to revolutionary organic superfoods.

Andy Mills is more than just a name or a brand. It symbolises the possibility of change. His life journey serves as a testament to the fact that financial sovereignty and independence can be achieved, irrespective of one's beginnings. The brand, dedicated to health and wealth creation, aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has a shot at achieving their dreams.

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