Robin Gargano Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes: Overcomes Multiple Horrific Tragedies In Her Life

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4 min readDec 3, 2021


Robin Gargano Founder of L4, Resiliency & Transitional Mindset Strategist, Best-selling author and Speaker.

Without suffering, we’ll never understand what true joy is.” Robin Gargano’s life story could succeed as an emotional and thought-provoking plot of an award-winning movie. Despite the tragedies she went through, she learned to transition her life into a more meaningful existence. She used her wisdom and resiliency to establish her company, L4 Livin’ Life Lovin’ Life. As the founder and CEO, she is on a mission to help the afflicte conquer any circumstance to live a fulfilling life.

The catalyst behind her brand stems from an unlikely source: grief. After suffering multiple miscarriages, losing her husband in a plane crash, and then her brother shortly after, this series of tragic losses devastated her. But soon, she discovered that there is beauty within tragedy. All the heartbreaks she endured led her to find hope and joy after breaking through the darkness. Robin found a deep passion for helping others transform their pain into power. From then on, she designed her life to be how she wanted it to be. Robin is represented by ZavoMedia PR Group and in this interview, we unravel her story of transformation into becoming a stronger and more empowered woman.

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  • Having suffered so much, did you ever consider giving up when you started your journey?

    I never considered giving up, but for the first time in my life, I experienced what numbness truly felt like, as if I’d never know if I would feel pure joy again. Every day looked bleak, and I forgot how to speak cohesively and think logically. I was on autopilot; I only functioned based on survival.

    Until one day, I had a revelation of why I lost my unborn children, husband, and brother. From that point, the story made sense, and I was able to begin again. These unavoidable losses are all part of our existence. We are worthy of a beautiful life outside of pain. If you can see beyond the incident for an opportunity, the journey becomes more fulfilling.

    I learned to let go of perfectionism, believe more in myself, and drown the noise by not listening to others’ judgment. We are unique in every way, and we all have a chance to become successful as long as we continue to work hard. Being 100% authentically vulnerable not only frees your own life but also inspires others to be just as they are.
  • Resilience is crucial in critical times like what we are going through now. How do you define resilience as a leader?

    It is the capability to transform because of an obstacle or adversity. When you’re able to bounce back from an awful state, then you’re a person with a robust, resilient soul. You’re someone who can see positivity and possibilities beyond the flaws and hindrances in life.
    When it comes to leadership, it’s about surrendering to life. You get the opportunity to submit to what crosses your path personally and professionally. We learn, grow, and evolve into whatever we desire. A resilient leader doesn’t give up when the going gets tough and is not afraid of the unknown.

    A limitless mindset measures greatness, which is why every three months, my company evolves based on the goals I set for that period. Being indefinite means embracing the unknown opportunity that the future holds. Resilience taught me to appreciate the revolutionary potential of what’s to come.
  • What advice would you give to our younger readers who want to become entrepreneurs?

    Never silence your voice! Your words are important, even if they aren’t perfectly poignant. It’s better to share than to stay silent. There’s always a possibility of creating something within any market, even if the initial vision changes. Don’t let it stop you from pursuing a dream, even if they say that your industry of choice is intensely saturated.
  • Do you have life lesson quotes that affected your life?

    “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

    When I started to think in this manner, my entire viewpoint on life shifted to a realization; the most tragic day of my life was when I truly started living.

    To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    My brother introduced me to this quote. When I thought about how imperative suffering is to a constantly evolving life, I accepted its place in the world. Whatever the affliction is, it will positively change my life if I allow it to happen. The bad is just as important as the good; you can’t appreciate one without the other.