The Self-Development Author, Liana Zavo is Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the NFT market as the first female creator of the one-word acronym

B.E.P.I.C X World of Women

Taking over the augmented reality and diving into a portal of digital economy with creators and partnerships
There is a lack of gender diversity chiefly in the NFT space, exposing the fact that women remain underrepresented in this industry. Liana Zavo is the first female self-development author who is disrupting the NFT market with her one-word acronym B.E.P.I.C. and the five proven simple hacks that give voice to the voiceless. In this lucrative world of NFTs we need more influential group of female creators to carve out a space of their own. “It’s time we bridge the gender gap and have more women start being seen and heard in cryptocurrency and on blockchain which is our portal to the new digital economy,” states Zavo.
According to ArtTactic, only 16% account for women in the NFT Art Market. This eye-opener indicates that plenty of work is still needed to elevate women in this male-dominated platform. Fortunately, this disparity has not crushed women’s empowerment. It instead became a spark to fuel more women to step in and conquer their way into the NFT realm. “It also catalyzed me to do my part and join the movement of helping women speak up and find their unique voices in various industries,” explained Zavo. A Non-Fungible Token can represent any entity such as art, photo, in-game item, music, book, collectible, video, and many more. It is a digital asset that is unique and cannot be counterfeited or replaced. Each token has a one-of-a-kind digital signature that is impossible to imitate or tamper with. A token is proof of ownership; think of it as a deed of an item, whether in the digital or physical aspect. In 2014, Kevin McCoy created the first-ever NFT before the hype of the CryptoArt boomed. Investing in the NFT market is something that Zavo did at the start of 2021, buying several pieces of digital artwork that resonated with her, and the piece that stood out to her the most was WOW, World of Women by the genius and talented digital artist Yam Karkai. Liana joined WOW’s NFT launch in Miami during Art Basel and decided to collaborate with the founder after the remarkable advice on how to feature B.E.P.I.C on Opeasea. Yam K. inspired Zavo to use her one-word acronym and her quotes from the five simple hacks in her groundbreaking book as collectibles and utility. Joining forces with powerful female creators and supporting one another’s vision is essential in today’s new digital economy.

WOW Team & Ceo of ZavoMedia Group

While the market is still in its infancy, it is now the right time for content creators to hop on the wagon to get ahead of everyone else. In a post-pandemic period, it is an optimum opportunity for entrepreneurs, influencers, musicians, fashion brands, and renowned personalities to consider monetizing in this new and prospective environment. The Forbes contributor and CEO and founder of ZavoMedia Group, became strategic partners with the owner of NFT_BOOK to bring awareness to clients about the metaverse, NFT market and the power of reality experiences for brands and retailers. Strategically they are consulting a world renowned liquor brand Piñaq on the power of NFT and breaking into the metaverse. The owner of Piñaq and 3 Kilos, Marina Yusupova threw a holiday bash of the year, with special guest Greg Yuna marking a one year anniversary of their successful liquor brand.
Anyone can mint an NFT, and no experience is required as long as they can prove their ownership of their content. From entrepreneurs to art collectors, authors, artists, CEOs, influencers, and even the average citizen can mint an NFT. With the right strategic partnerships and collaborations there are massive opportunities.

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