Love, loathe and Lowe

Wyatt Massey
Feb 5, 2016 · 2 min read

A student perspective on a dynamic journalism professor. He asked for it.

Note: This post is part of #PublishEveryDay, a writing challenge I am doing to publish seven blog posts in seven days. I asked the social media sphere for writing prompts. Today’s question comes courtesy of Herb Lowe.

Herb Lowe: Why it is that people love and hate me at the same time?

To hate. To love. To love to hate. To hate to love. At least one of the past four sentences describes the relationship I have with Herbert Lowe, Marquette University journalism professor and O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism director. I do not typically announce my feelings about people in this way, but the man asked for it.

To understand our relationship, allow me to provide an example: Within 24 hours of typing out this tweet, Lowe confronted me.

“What do you know about ‘game recognizes game’?” he asked.

I was able to laugh that dig off, exposed as a silly white guy trying to appropriate black culture. Lowe also likes to describe my mission and journey to journalism as an “epiphany.”

Then, of course, there are tweets complete with flattering photos.

Kidding aside, I owe much of my journalism experience to Lowe. My job at Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service is the result of him literally marching me down the hall to meet the news service’s editor. His journalism class, complete with all those #loweclass tweets, taught me more in 16 weeks about planning, time management and coping with stress than any other college course.

Everyone in the journalism program at Marquette has had a “life meeting” with Lowe or, at least, had their résumé critiqued to the nth degree. He will tear apart your job application materials one second, and then give you confidence enough to grill the President of the United States in an interview. If he reads this, I am sure he will point out an AP Style flub, so look for a correction notice at the bottom of this article, coming soon.

These descriptions are merely scratching the surface, though. I suppose that is the problem a professor faces when she or he cares so deeply about the education and success of the next generation. Sometimes, the student response is love. Sometimes, it is hate. Was that an adequately confusing answer, Professor Lowe?

Good. In the meantime, I am going to keep saying “game recognizes game.”

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Wyatt Massey

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Human rights journalist.

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