…Because love dies when growth stops!

Why do writers write? Do the voices in their heads force them to write? Or do the empty pockets act as stark reminders? Is writing a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia? Or is it like any other profession? I can glamorize it by saying that if there is a story inside you, it has to come out. Or I can be stoic about it and establish that it is a profession, they do it to earn their livelihood.

I should rather tell you why I write. I write because I want to get published *once* before I die. And, given my good health, I am being absolutely realistic here. I write because I can indulge in a bit of theatrics. I write, perhaps, because I am a Piscean. I write because then I can be the hero of my story.

And, of late, by virtue of my profession, I have got many stories to tell and experiences to share. I am what they call a struggling entrepreneur and one such story is how we hire people in our very small start-up. Bear with me, it is an interesting read!

At NewsBytes, we have a rule — the only rule, if you may. People can leave us only under 3 circumstances:
1) They are getting married and which is why they have to relocate.
2) They want to pursue higher studies.
3) They want to start their own ventures.

We are your very own Hotel California - you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Except that you can neither check-out nor check-in, primarily because we are extremely choosy.

We spend an insane amount of time and energy in finding the right fit. We are only this short of asking for their horoscopes and DNA results! There are short interviews, written rounds, interactions, long interviews, rather longish interviews. We go on and on, not because we are obsessive (ok, a little bit we are!) but because one can’t possibly go wrong there. Let’s just say this, in the modern age internet start-ups like ours, human resource is all one has.

Although it is never love at first sight for us, but, gosh when we find the right person, it becomes like a love affair - many to one, if you will. There is no stopping us from pampering him/her to the moon and back. In our limited capacity, we do what it takes to keep their lives sorted. We buy TT tables, mini foosball tables, X-box, Bose speakers (you name it!) to keep them entertained. Sometimes, we take them to run marathons with us (their lack of energy notwithstanding), at other times they accompany us to the crazy plays, movies, dinner parties, our *very personal* date nights(ha!). We buy Friday lunches for them, have drinking matches with them, cook for them. It is pure bliss. They say that every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.

And, so far it has worked out great for us. Either we find people like us, or they are morphed. Or we are morphed. Or we are just plain lucky. Or the stars are shining at the moment. There could be 100 different reasons for that. I don’t know, I don’t want to know either.

At the moment, I am glad that our home office is a happy place. There is a lot of energy through the day and night, though we argue a lot over deadlines and the music to be played. Everyone yells, fights; there are obviously differences in the working styles. But, the fights don’t make us nasty, if at all they keep us glued. I would rather fight with my team than make love to anyone else! And, at the end of the day, we do manage to reach a consensus. We also manage to ship the product. That’s what counts.

That said, I also know that love dies only when growth stops. So, we will keep working hard, aiming high, loving each other harder and fighting endlessly!

Corporates shall tell you otherwise, the experts will warn you to keep a healthy balance with the employees. They would also maintain that there should be a line between your personal and professional lives.

But, we try very hard to rub that line, one pixel a day.

PS: We are indeed looking for an awesome developer. It usually takes *one* right developer to create splendid products! Are you the one?


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