India’s First News Bot

In a DLF phase far far away, there is a bunch of underdogs who think they can fly. Their neighbors don’t know them, their parents and friends don’t get them and their social life is almost non-existent. They think, talk, code, aim, dream, fight, sleep and call themselves entrepreneurs. They are dorky and their sense of humor is pathetic.

But, some good people believe in them and have trusted them with their money. Ever since they are funded, they have started nerd-ing even harder. Looks like, there is no stopping the craziness now.

A month back when Mark Zuckerberg announced bots for Facebook’s messenger app, one of them got so excited that he could not sleep the whole night. Or perhaps, he did sleep and then sleep-walked all the way to Facebook headquarters, gathered the inputs from them, wrote the specifications and came back the next morning to get started.

Post that, endless discussions happened, timelines were set, vacations were called off, fights were fought and three of them locked themselves in a 20*20 room for the next 7 days. They ate a lot of Pizzas, wrote a lot of code, smelled a lot foul and created a lot of mess. The rest of them waited with bated breath and gained calories (!)

And, then one fine evening, it was all done. The 3 musketeers (for lack of better word) showed the beta version of their news bot to everyone out there. It was pretty, by any standard.

Some of them lauded, some moaned real hard, some were plain agnostic and remarked — But, how will it increase the number of downloads of the app?

What happened next — they waited for a month, checked the developer login every day, thought they would be rejected by the big F(acebook), kept on doing other goofy stuff. They kept thinking, talking, coding, dreaming and fighting. And, then on a fateful day, their bot got approved.

They became India’s first news bot on FB Messenger -

And, how do I know them? Those underdogs are us.

Closing remarks:
We look better on the app, that is our soul. But we do the exact same thing on the Messenger. Try us, WILL YOU?

May the bot be with you! ;)


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