This is a rant.

I am an engineer and I support all sorts of innovation, small or big. I am also an entrepreneur and I vociferously support that all crazy ideas should be heard, even if they are bat-shit crazy they should not be dismissed without giving them a listen. I am also the biggest self proclaimed capitalist, which is why I shout on top of my lungs that every innovative ‘heard’ idea should be funded — either by advice or by money. In most cases, they would yield good results.

And, to be fair, I believe that the Indian start-up ecosystem is warming up. As a matter of fact, YourStory tells me that 7.3 billion dollars have been invested in Indian start-ups in three quarters of 2015. In my humble opinion, I think this is both awesome and awful, in equal parts. It is awesome because it gives wings to this whole new generation of entrepreneurs, it is awful because these entrepreneurs have just one focus — to survive from one investment cycle to another. The urge to raise funds is making them increasingly boxed. Their imagination is now smaller than the 56 inches plasma TV in their living rooms which, might I add, have been bought by investors’ money. It is awesome because one can dare to dream without nightmares of failing, it is awful because those nightmares are indeed the reality checks. It is awesome because it is much easier to start a company these days, it is awful because all of these are only app/software companies. I can go on and on, but this is not the scope of my rant (oxymoron, much?).

At this point, I need to add a disclaimer. I may be taking some liberties by generalizing here. But, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely intentional.

My biggest pain is that this entire hullabaloo in Indian start-up space is giving birth to the most dangerous species -Indian software engineers.

I have so many existential questions about them, mind you, their existence, not mine.

Who are they, what have they done and why are they so arrogant? Who knows them, respects them? Why are they so unprofessional? Why do they have larger than life images of themselves? Again, who are they?

Just because they know jquery, php, ruby over rails; they believe that they all are Zucks, Dorseys, Gates of the world. They all are self appointed connoisseurs of software design, their reference point being a Wikipedia article notwithstanding. They hero-worship Jobs and abhor everything Microsoft. They talk about scalability, big data, hadoop yada yada but they don’t have the perseverance to debug their own code. The biggest open source software they all swear by is torrent!

On personal front, they all love psychedelic music, everything else is down-town for them. They lack discipline, they have no respect of time. They would talk incessantly about various software tools and widgets, in reality they don’t even know how to manage their emails and calendars. They don’t know squat about nothing, and they don’t have the humility to learn anything either. At 23, they think they know everything and they would just not listen to you.

How I wish one of these engineers create an app for modesty and respect! But, then how would one ensure that they download it?

That said, not all of them are jerks. A handful of them are very hard-working, they have this never ending appetite to learn. They create awesome products and are not boisterous about it. They may lack social skill but are empathetic in their own little ways. And which is why, they are a part of the NewsBytes App technical team. ;)


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