Music and Relaxation

When you need to mellow out and clear your mind, what music do you listen to? There’s nothing wrong with going for the typical piano or violin sounds to erase the noise of the outside world. However, there are alternative options.

In high school I would listen to hard rock and 80’s metal in the morning on the way to school to ease myself for the stressful day ahead, because are there really any days of high school that aren’t stressful? Anyway, according to this article from The Guardian “Listening to ‘extreme’ music makes you calmer, not angrier, according to study.”

One of the reasons why some people choose extreme music to help them relax is to listen to the music that matches their mood. When that happens, you start to feel positive energy from the music. Sometimes all a person needs is to hear a good guitar riff or drum solo to make them happy.

When an individual has particular songs they like, it might not matter if it’s heavy or soft because if a very slow and touching song like “All Time High” by Rita Coolidge might pump up the guy that has loved that song since he was a child because he heard it in a James Bond film. He thinks of the action sequences and feels like he is a spy.

The same thing goes for the girl that hears “Angel of Death” by Slayer and instead of getting excited and rambunctious she feels sad because she remembers that was her dad’s favorite song before he had to leave her for the Army. She is scared that he might not come home, but to make her feel close to her father she listens to his favorite song and thinks of him.

Another possibility is maybe the music you like makes you feel safe and that is why you can put on any song you enjoy and feel the same kind of ecstasy for any song on your playlist of favorite songs.

I know I’m not the only person out there that likes to come home from a stressful day and but my feet up, crack open a nice cold beer, and put on some heavy metal and feel relaxed.

Photo taken from The Guardian