Benghazi Attacks Graphic Timeline: Easily See What Happened, When & How

Who, exactly, in our government failed to protect Ambassador Stevens and the courageous guys assigned to him in Benghazi? When, how and why did they suffer this horror? Were Obama and Clinton right about protests causing the attacks? The answers are clear and likely not what you expect. A quick way to find answers to these questions and avoid the 800-page Benghazi report, is a graphic timeline.
 This graphic timeline makes it easy to see what our leaders knew and what they did while our ambassador and soldiers were fighting for their lives. This slaughter did not need to happen and it should never, ever happen again.


The graphic timeline puts you in in control. You can quickly grab all of the main events as they happened by flipping through the slides. Want more detail on an event? Dive into the text under the headline and get a deeper understanding without wading through the detail you don’t want. No fast enough for you? Just slide through the timeline section and catch the as many or as few events as you want.

The Color Code


The slides are color coded with the four main areas of activity, Benghazi Mission Compound, CIA Annex, Washington and the regional quick response forces. See the legend above. Plus, the timeline has a line for each to make it clear who was doing what and when.

The Time

Eastern timezone is used for tracking time. Libya is six hours ahead of Washington, DC.

The Text

The text is directly from the report, however, this format made some of the references out of place and confusing. To fix this, the specific sentences were paraphrased only to clarify the meaning. It is proper to mark alterations, but, the report came with many alterations to clarify testimony and each are marked. With my markings these few passages became a confusing mess, which defeated the purpose of this whole project. These are small in number and only for clarity. Ultimately, if this bothers anyone, I apologize. The full report is available to the public if you wish to read it was offered.

Timeline created by: Michael Glass

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