Ransom Paid by Obama Admin Violates Bi-Partisan US Policy

The US agreed to pay Iran $1.7 billion. In return, Iran agreed to release six Americans they have been holding prisoner. This, of course, violates long-standing and bi-partisan policy not to pay ransoms, but it happened anyway. This policy of not paying ransoms is designed to protect Americans all over the world from becoming a prime target with a massive price on their head. Once a ransom is paid, as it has been, it is easy for terrorists and hostile governments all over the world to grab and hold Americans and then wait until payday. Simply saying we will not pay again does not save the Americans taken captive and held for years or decades while the captors figure it out there will be no payday.

Iran claims the US owed the money to Iran as interest from an arms deal about thirty years ago. Of course, the Obama administration says these two issues were negotiated separately from each other and even separately from the nuclear arms agreement. All three situations, magically happened at the same time: the nuclear agreement, the prisoner release and the cash payout. In fact, the prisoner release was contingent upon the first part of the cash payout.

This is an awful sign of the arrogance on the part of the Obama administration and an insult to the intelligence of concerned Americans. Believe the spin if you want and pretend this is just an odd coincidence, but most people can see what happened, when it happened and why it happened. It was a ransom paid for hostages and to help finalize a bad nuclear agreement the administration played politics with. More importantly, enemies of America saw what happened. Americans abroad now have a price on their head, thanks to our own government.

For details of the related Iran nuclear agreement surrounding the ransom payment and hostage release, see Iran Nuclear Deal in 14 Facts and Politics Aside, Why the Iran Deal is a Bad Deal.

Originally published at News-Rebel.com!.