The Numbers: Brady vs Patriots’ Second-Stringers

How much of a difference does Tom Brady make? Has he lead a decent team to historic numbers, or has he been carried by a team and system that could have done it all with someone else?

Check out this apples-to-apples comparison; two second-stringers that started for Brady on the same team plus Brady’s numbers the year he came back.

Player | Comp% | TD% | Int% | Yds per Attempt | QB Rating
Tom Brady | 66.5% | 5.75 | 1.4 | 8 | 104.2
Cassel/Garoppolo | 65.8% | 5.2 | 1.0 | 7.6 | 101.35

Revealing? Possibly. The Patriots did not miss much without Brady. Loosing a great player that is elevating his team to greatness should have a big impact, right? I am not seeing the impact here. I don’t think this comparison would be important were it not for trying to figure out where Brady fits next to Montana and others, given Brady had, at least, the unfair advantage of cheating for many years. With this comparison, we can at least see that the “Brady Effect” may be little more than an illusion.

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