I wanted to write something about this tragedy at the newspaper yesterday but couldn’t find the right words all day. I still don’t think I have those words but I also cannot remain silent any longer. I just don’t know how best to articulate what it’s like to have the fear of risking your life for trying to tell the truth about your community.

I’m a local reporter just like the shooting victims were. I wrote the same types of stories, editorials and shot photos & video packages for local publications I’ve worked at, just as they did for their…

As many of you know, I have been a reporter in New Jersey for 2 years now. Earlier this month, I have had the pleasure to express my public support of a pair of bills making their way through the New Jersey State Senate and State Assembly by delivering my testimony to state senators. These bills will allow for a law that invests in the creation of the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium which will ultimately improve access to information by the public and help local journalism thrive in the state. …

Greetings, everyone!

This is my first post on Medium. I’m excited about sharing my thoughts, commentary and stories I will tell from events I cover as a reporter and photojournalist on this platform. Looking forward to a productive & constructive conversation.

Let’s get started!

Ilya Arbit

A displaced international journalist with over a decade of work in TV, Radio & Print media. Past:Aviation; Now:Tech Currently split time btwn NYC/NJ & Orlando.

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