Happy Diwali 2018:- The Light we're seeking has always been within.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in Life , Not to change things, just to feel a couple of things twice"..

We wait for the coming festivals, they may look a day of celebration to us but are a lot more than that. Our world is completely full of memories, each passing day becomes a memory. Many have came in this world and there life is that ultimate guide which makes us learn truth. Festivals are remarkable victory by our Ancestors for the truth and well being of humanity in this world. One of the day out of 365 which enlighten our soul's glow and makes us realize the presence of "Supreme Power" who knows each and everything and always stays in silence unless we cross the limits. The one who makes true judgement.. Our Indian festival, Diwali which is the sparkling light of truth winning over darkness, always makes us think of how Lord Ram who was the ultimate power in the world have remained in silence and was waiting for the moment when Raavan realizes his mistake, unfortunately the moment never came, he keep on doing such things which were unacceptable from the point of view of humanity and so he have to get in return of these. A moment came when he crossed all his limits and actually get what he really deserve - end of his life and the negativity from this world. We celebrates our Lord's victory by removing darkness.

But is it all what we have to remove ? Well I guess no. With each passing day our generations are moving step ahead towards destruction. But it's a fact that the ray of light can give you a way to life. All that our generation want is, to realize the difference between the "Real and Fake". Brusting crackers having the sparkling sky with blasting rockets can never remove actual darkness from this world, we need to know importance of our culture and the tradition which spills out the light of knowledge and positivity. We have to make a straight way of celebration.. Simplicity is that thing which is more decorative than any other form of decoration. Have the sparkling festival but with knowing that "what you are doing ?" and just by thinking once "Is it correct or not ?" Make this festival the best one of your life with touch of culture and traditional values which always exist but were hidden behind crackers.

We are stars wrapped with skin - The light you are seeking has always been within !!

(Writing Credits: Akanksha Kalpdev)