Case of Teen Girls Missing Since 1999 Gets Fresh Look

Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible were 16 when they disappeared the night of Dec. 30, 1999. (Image courtesy of Lorene Bible)

On the penultimate evening of 1999, Danny and Kathy Freeman were shot to death in their mobile home just outside of Welch, Okla., and their home was set on fire. But when police arrived on the scene, the Freemans’ daughter, Ashley, and her best friend Lauria Bible, both 16 and having a sleepover in the home, were nowhere to be found, reports the Oklahoman.

Now new leads in not just Oklahoma but Kansas and Missouri have Lauria’s mother, Lorene, launching her own campaign for help on Facebook, and investigators asking anyone for any information they may have, reports Fox23.

The case had a few odd details from the get-go. Lauria’s car, for instance, was parked near the charred remains of the home, her keys still in the ignition, and her purse, which contained money, was found among the ruins. Investigators also found an arsenal of weapons — Danny Freeman was said to have dealt marijuana — though his arrowhead collection was never recovered. Jeremy Jones, a convicted rapist and killer now on death row in Alabama, once confessed to killing the couple and later the girls, but his leads never played out and he has since recanted; the owner of the property was later convicted of murdering another girl, reports the Miami News-Record.

“There are still people scared of whoever did this,” Bible says. “I need information that will lead to something good.” (This teen’s disappearance finally looks solved 25 years later.)

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

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