Innovative content marketing technology to amplify Facebook audience engagement for brands.

How can you better engage with your Facebook audience? There are limitations with what you can do using GIFs and videos. With interactive content playable in the newsfeed, you can do much more! Over the last 2 years Newsfeed SmartApps patent pending technology has helped break the mold and given rise to new and innovative content marketing possibilities. Here are a few case studies of how this technology was used.

GAME OF THRONES: For the iconic Game of Thrones series, a clever newsfeed smartapp game for users to complete different GoT family tree’s. Watch the video below to see more.

EMAAR (Luxury Real Estate): For Emaar’s Dubai Creek Harbour property, the brand used out interactive facebook post to showcase property features and videos. Users could also request a call back from the newsfeed post! The GIF below illustrates the user journey.

INFINITI (Automobile): A highly engaging Newsfeed SmartApp for INFINITI where users look around a 360-environment of the QX60 interiors to find hidden tokens. For every token found, the user learns something new about the car!

STREPSILS & NUROFEN (Retail/FMCG): Multiple newsfeed apps to tell a story.

How do we make administering medicines to children an intuitive thing? With a simple yet fun way of engaging and educating users about relating the right Strepsils product for the corresponding symptom in a child. This was done through an interesting storytelling Newsfeed app.

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