What Game of Thrones did on Facebook using Newsfeed SmartApps interactive posts.

Game of Thrones is possibly the most popular TV show of all time! It has a massive fan following and the build-up to a Game of Thrones marathon, Star World in collaboration with Newsfeed SmartApps wanted to bring fans of the show something engaging and challenging that tapped into the long list of strong characters that make the show so entertaining.

Hence the Game of Thrones Challenge which tested users knowledge of the different families in the show with an interactive game in the form of a family tree builder. The complexity of the connections between all the characters in the show definitely added to the difficulty, as players had to finish the challenge as quickly as they could.

Check out the video above to see what fun SmartApp this collaboration brought about. And if you want to experience the app for yourself visit the Newsfeed SmartApps facebook page.