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As news apps go, Newsfusion has always tried to find a fresh angle on delivering both valuable curated content on focused topics, while also packaging each in an app allowing a community of people to gather around and discuss the topics they’re passionate about.

Our general and sports app catalogs include around 80 news apps delivering content on thousands of topics including science, gaming, movies, sports tournaments, football, hockey, economics, politics and national news for several countries like Australia, the UK, the United States, and more.

We have long wished to create an all-in-one experience where our users can find…

Newsfusion Presents: Top Australia News Stories of 2014

It’s been an eventful year for the Aussies. Unlike the usual yearly average of drama, this year the continent has been through some extreme events. Creating a yearly summary for Australia wasn’t an easy task at all. Yet, having a strong faith in our platform for surfacing the right stories — we decided to face the challenge.

So, digging through the top stories of 2014 — in terms of media coverage and online buzz — here is what came up:

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Sportfusion Presents: Top Football Stories of 2014

An exciting year, no doubt. With the FIFA World Cup driving us crazy on one hand and with surprising games in the Premier League, transfers, rumors, surprising champions — it was very hard to choose the top football stories of 2014.

Football fans are passionate, so surely everyone will have something to say, but we gave it a try anyway :-)

So, here it goes — the top football stories that made 2014, as chosen by our editorial team, based on our powerful aggregation platform that measure media coverage & online interaction with each story:

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If you’re a football fan — good chances we already have a dedicated app covering your favorite team. We also have a general football app, if you wish to follow more than one team. All free, of course. Visit our Sportfusion apps catalog:

Newsfusion Presents: Top Bitcoin Stories of 2014

Those of you who are interested in virtual currency already know that — it’s one of the hottest financial topics of the last few years. Is this really the future or just a temporary episode?

Specifically for the Bitcoin — it’s been a rough year. Peeking through the top stories pointed out by our platform — we've carefully selected the top ten representing what the Bitcoin has been through during 2014.

Here it goes:

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Newsfusion Presents: Top Tech News Stories of 2014

The tech scene is always full of stories. The flood of new information never ends. 2014 wasn’t different in that regard.

It took us some time to query our huge databases for the top tech stories of the year. From the huge pile we sorted out the ones that made the most impact over the web — when it comes media coverage and social activity.

So, without further introductions — we’re proud to present the top tech stories of 2014:

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Like Gary Moore used to say — “It used to be so easy”. Once upon a time, you’d choose your favorite news publication from a handful of well-known newspapers. You’d get this newspaper delivered to your doorstep each morning. Later on, the online editions came, so news stories became live and constantly updating.

Before one could say ‘I want a pepperoni pizza and a coke please’, there were dozens of news outlets out there, spreading news on virtually any topic, and like a dry creek in the desert filling up with a sudden burst of rain — there was a…


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