It Used To Be So Easy…

Like Gary Moore used to say — “It used to be so easy”. Once upon a time, you’d choose your favorite news publication from a handful of well-known newspapers. You’d get this newspaper delivered to your doorstep each morning. Later on, the online editions came, so news stories became live and constantly updating.

Before one could say ‘I want a pepperoni pizza and a coke please’, there were dozens of news outlets out there, spreading news on virtually any topic, and like a dry creek in the desert filling up with a sudden burst of rain — there was a flowing river of information, bringing all kinds of news and updates at an ever-increasing pace.

We all adapted somehow. Some kept loyal to their beloved publication from the old days, some maintained a list of selected sources they visited randomly through the day and some used an aggregation service of their choice. No matter your choice, you knew you’d be missing out on some important stuff — either because you didn't visit at the proper time of the day, or because the service you chose didn't cover exactly the news you wanted.

Then came Newsfusion.

We created Newsfusion firstly to solve a personal problem — we wanted to stay in the know, and we didn't want to work hard for it. It worked beautifully, so we kept developing it, got funding for it — and we’re now bringing the capability to the masses:

News without noise. News without information overload.

Practically, it means that we have developed an automated editing and curation platform that knows to prioritize, remove duplication, categorize and send automatic push notifications on virtually any topic and in many languages. Our technology does this by looking at what people online care about, and doing personalized adaptations for each user in a way the user can control. In other words: no bias, no personalization bubble. We put the power in users’ hands, you control your news feed, in the simplest way possible.

After a long period of building a technology that is trustworthy for prioritizing the news, we started releasing an array of news applications, each covering a dedicated topic. We have news apps covering national news (in Australia, German, UK, Russia and more), we have apps covering sports teams, various entertainment topics, science & technology and more.

There are almost 100 apps in our portfolio. Each of them powerful, high-quality and free to use. Each app offers a powerful set of features:

  • No need for configuration — launch and immediately be in the know.
  • At your own pace — choose between latest, day or week time perspectives
  • Prioritization — most important stories appear first
  • No repeated stories — several instances of the same story (from different outlets) are grouped together
  • Personalized push notifications — either choose to be notified on prominent stories, or subscribe to topics of your choice
  • Customized feed — (only) if you wish, you can select your favorite topics, block unwanted topics and create the feed of your dreams

You can check out our apps catalog here (non-sports apps) and here (sport apps).

With all that said — what is this blog for?

Well, our apps are very simple to use — that’s the point. However, when creating a news experience, a lot of philosophy is involved. We’re creating a product that is worthy of users’ trust for their news intake, and that should not be taken lightly. Here we’ll be discussing some deeper issues, exposing stats and insights from behind the scenes and sharing a bit of the constant action at Newsfusion Labs. Buckle up — and join us for the ride!

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