A giant Heart beating in New York City, USA

The heart of New York City has been beating extra loudly this week as a giant interactive heart-shaped sculpture was unveiled in Times Square.

Aptly titled “HeartBeat”, the sculpture was chosen by ‘Times Square Alliance’ as this year’s romantic art installation just a few days before Valentines Day.

Over the last seven years, the Times Square Alliance has invited architecture and design firms to submit proposals for a romantic art installation in Times Square to celebrate the international day of love and romance.

“HeartBeat” was a submission by Brooklyn-based design studio Stereotank that consists of designers Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente.

The designers invite visitors to interact with the sculpture by playing the various drums and other instruments incorporated within.

“It’s basically four drums, two on either side. There is a xylophone on the other side and a PVC pipe organ on this side. And inside of the heart there is equipment that makes the heart beat and a light that pulsates,” said Venezuela-born Ertorteguy.

He added that the location of Times Square enforced the other aspect of the sculpture that they wanted to highlight.

“The heart itself, the shape of a heart, there is all these connotations with love. Besides that we also wanted to give it another meaning, of reinforce the meaning of the heart of the city, of New York City. And it’s a heart that can be pounded by people.”

Putting everyone in a lovey mood in the week of forced love and romance… not that you need any excuses of course! So be sure to make love + not war this week… and spread the word!!!

The sculpture will be open to the public until March 8.

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