Female entrepreneurship in the Middle East has set an example women empowerment

Female entrepreneurship in the Middle East is a great achievement for women. The Middle East womens were not allowed to challenge men. They were limited to household work only. But now the time is changing and modern air is also blowing in the Middle East. The unemployment among women was quite high in the Middle East on the basis of culture & social norms and religion. In the Middle East female’s participation was low in workplace and political life. Now data shows that women in Middle East is showing bright career as an Entrepreneur.

The women entrepreneurship in the Middle East shows low participation of women in business. They were not offered the same status as men were offered. The key reason was religion which does not allow women to gather much information to tackle the business. Their standard of living and education were quite different from Men.

Youth empowerment in the Middle East is increasing at an alarming rate. The youth in the Middle East is making progress. The progress involved in the field of political, cultural and economic and social. They showed great interest in building the country. It has played an important role in shaping the country. It also encourages measure against crime and drug abuse. The Middle East country has put great emphases on strengthening and empowering the youth. They made great effort in improving the educational and cultural activities in the country.
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