How to find a better livelihood

Poverty is the major problem of developing and underdeveloped country. The main causes of poverty are lack of knowledge, education and money. This problem never solved as the poorer is becoming more poor and rich is becoming richer. Until and unless the some helping hand in the form of loans or education will not reach the poor population this problem will not solve.

The poor population covers almost 1.2 billion around the world. Making an attempt for ending poverty around the world demands financial help from Government. Ending poverty is not just solving people’s income but their basic needs like water, health, education, housing and security. If you wish to bring poorer above the poverty line then their mode of income or medium of income must be improved. They must be provided knowledge to think rationally. Beside all that the Government of developed country must take an active participation in providing financial help, education, food, housing, sanitation and water to the poor population. This step will automatically put an end on poverty.

The European Migrant crisis began in 2015 when number of refugees and migrants travel to European Union in an attempt to get better living standard. They journey continues from Mediterranean Sea to Southeast Europe. People from western and south Asia, Africa and the Western Balkans migrate to Europe. But this migration becomes sorrow news when it has heard that 2,000 migrants sank in the Mediterranean Sea with a death of 1,200 people.

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