Apple Beats Tech Giants In Terms Of Christmas Sales

Apple Sales have been exceptional during the Christmas season

Apple Sales have been exceptional during the Christmas season

Everyone was very busy this holiday season; device activation was the highlight of this season where certain companies broke all records achieving the milestones. Apple Inc. was the dominator during Christmas sales the previous year. This time, the company succeeded in keeping with its legacy and dominated the industry in terms of sale. Several analysts have thoroughly analyzed the sales reports which give a clear idea regarding device activations and app installations.

It now seems that Apple products are the primary constituent of everyone’s wish list. Its not surprising that they are considered to be the most gifted items. Flurry Insights- the analytics company of Yahoo! Inc. the premium Apple devices were considered to be the most sought after item to be gifted in the holiday season.

As per the report, there were several brand activations taking place during the holiday season among which 59.1% were banged by Apple. This is however lower than the metrics is acquired the previous year of 51.3%. The company that was chasing after Apple is none other than Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. whose slaes have jumped from 17.7% to 19.8% in comparison to the previous year.

As per the report, Samsung has observed a significant increase in sales and the reason behind this is associated to the sales of the Samsung Grand series along with the Galaxy S6 sales. A astonishing thing was noted in terms of phablet devices where two years back the sales accumulated to 13%. However, now phablet sales have acquired 27% market share. This is the reason why smartphone makers are devoted to making phablets. Small screened smartphones now have significantly lesser demand where only 1% sales were observed of such devices.

Previously small tablets had a market share of 11% but now only 9% of the total market share is banged by them. Tablets are no more a hot selling product and are likely top experience a further decline in terms of sales. The only thing that can change the fate of tablets is new specs.

In September, Apple launched the iPad Pro which is a 12.9 inch tablet along with the largest iPad ever launched. All this is not a factor that can ensure success. As per the report, the iPad Pro was not even successful in gaining 1% of the device activation during the Christams season. This is not the pivot point to gauge the failure of the device however, it can be said that the sales were not like what apple had forecasted.

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