Apple Inc Angela Ahrendts To Address The Corporate Invitees At Bloomberg Summit

Angela Ahrendts will give a speech at the second day of the Bloomberg Summit

Bloomberg’s “The Year Ahead” summit targeting business is round the corner and will commence on November 9. Angela Ahrendts, who is the chief retail officer at Apple Inc. will address the summit on November 10. This summit will be the third annual conference for Bloomberg. The event will welcome guests who are chief executive officers, corporate giants and board of directors etc. this event will be a corporate giant’s dream

The event will start on the 9th of November that will take place in New York at the Carnegie Hall. The tech giant executive is all geared up to address the masses on the second day where here core focus for the speech will be on “leadership”, along with the strategies that can bolster businesses in 2016. Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Radio will cover the event that is going to take place at Park Hyatt. Thus the event will be getting the media hype.

Apart from Ms. Ahrendts, there are several other speakers that will be addressing the event which includes Michael R. from Bloomberg, Alan Krueger who is the Princeton Professor, Brian Moynihan who is the chief executive officer at Bank of America, Deborah DiSanzo who is the representative at International Business Machines Corp. , The President of Wal-Mart Mr. Neil Ashe along with other big names.

The reason why Apple will be happy with the appearance of Ms. Angela Ahrendts is that the conference will assist them in luring a larger corporate audience. We need to take into consideration that the company’s executive will merely narrow down its focus on the “progression strategies” that firms need to adopt. So by gracing the event, Apple users are likely to get more support from other influential corporate individuals which will further strengthen their position in the industry. Moreover, the conference can also result in various improvement strategies that can be adopted by the company to bolster sales in the times to come.

It is believe that the conference will allow the company to streamline their focus on their own management for productivity purposes. The conference can be used by AAPL as a platform to promote and market themselves by coming up with its own variants and also lure a larger audience through media coverage.

The company has got a good opportunity to capitalize on that will help them to attract the corporate sector. There is nothing uncertain about the expertise of Ms. Angela thus making it a win-win situation for the tech behemoth.

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