Facebook Receives Phenomenal Response From Users For Messenger Call Service

The social media giant was seen to receive an exceptionally well response from users for the video call feature recently launched.

Facebook Inc has recently announced a new feature for its Messenger app that has taken the users up by storm. The social media company has now made a video call feature available for its users who have taken the new option provided to them at quite an over whelming speed. The networking company received over a million video call requests by the users in just a period of two days after the launch was carried out. This has been taken as a huge mark for the success of the new feature keeping in mind that this has only been made available for the users of the social media network in a few markets only which include markets of Mexico, France, United Kingdom and the United States. This does not mean that the media company plans to keep the feature confined to only these markets as it was recently heard announcing that it will also be spread out to more markets where Facebook is used by the majority.

The Facebook (FB) Messenger currently has around 600 million users and the social media giant is looking forward to increasing the user-base of the app very soon. The company was also seen discussing how the voice and video calls that have now been added to the famous Messenger app make up only a 10% of the total voice calls that are being made on a global level. This statement of the media company has shown that the usage of videos to communicate is becoming quite a trend and by stepping into the video calling scene, the social media firm has added another jewel in its crown.

The same call feature has been made available on Whatsapp as well, which was recently bought by Facebook. The fact that apps like Meerkat and Periscope have gained so much attention over a period of only a few months has given the social media giant the idea to do the same and launch a video calling feature of its own, keeping in mind the interests of the users that have been constantly increasing in making calls on the social media platforms.

According to a technology report from Mashable.com, it is to be believed by the reporters of the firm that since video calling has gained massive popularity among the young users, it was expected for Facebook to step into this market as well.

Analysts are now waiting for how Twitter Inc will be reacting to its rival in the social media industry and whether it will come up with a similar feature or not, to compete with the increasing pressure.

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