‘Instant Article’ Feature To Be Launched By Facebook

The social media company is planning to launch a new feature on its website for users to read the complete content on the networking site rather than going to other websites.

Facebook Inc has decided to come up with a new feature to support its idea of making advertisements on the website look better. As per a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal, it was noted that the social media company is planning to introduce ‘Instant Article’ on its site which will give a chance to the users to view proper articles on the social media platform without exiting it to go to another website. Previously, users have been provided only with a little bit of news or only a part of a news article and to view the whole story, users had to go to another link. The media firm is planning to turn this around to change that by making the whole news story on the website so that users do not have to go elsewhere.

To make this happen, Facebook Inc was recently seen to be in talks with some of the biggest publishers in the industry. This step is being taken by the company in order to make its social networking website the only place where these publishing houses post their content. The social media company is offering deals to the publishers to make it their first preference where they get their content published and in return, they will get a part of the revenue that is earned by the company by the ads that are posted on the site.

On the other hand, Bidness ETC reports that Facebook receives around 30% of its total revenue per quarter and on a yearly basis from the department of advertisement and by selling ads. However, the social media giant is looking forward to make these numbers bigger as the firm is constantly doing things that would make its advertisement revenue larger than before. By coming up with new features like these, the social media giant is planning to growth its revenue generation and it does not want to miss a chance where it can make positive changes.

The publishers who are in talks with the social media company are in favor of this partnership that will help Facebook not only receive more profit but it will also increase the viewership of the content produced by the publishing houses. However, there are some concerns that have been raised by the opposite party and there are about the kind of control the media firm will be exercising on the content producing houses.

Following the news, the shares of the networking company witnessed a downfall by 0.28% to a share price of $77.79 before the market opened for the day’s trade.