Microsoft Considers the Apple iPad Pro To Be Ordinary

During CES 2016, a Microsoft executive seized the opportunity to criticize the Apple iPad Pro.

Microsoft Corporation has finally taken a shot at Apple’s recent offering, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as per the reports published by Trusted Reviews. Dan Laycock, the Senior Communications Manager for the Surface range at Microsoft stated that the iPad Pro is not more than a companion device with nothing flamboyant to offer.

While speaking to the masses present during the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES), the official claimed that the company is devoted to improve its hybrid device that serves the need of a tablet and PC simultaneously. He further stated that the Apple iPad Pro can only be a companion device.

He further highlighted that the strategies deployed by both the companies are extremely polar which minimizes the chances of a potential backlash.

Microsoft revealed the Surface Pro range back in 2013. Since that time, four variants of the device have been released to date. To start with, the company reported slow sales of its hybrid tablet; however, this changed since the tech fraternity became more profitable. To benefit from the demand of hybrid devices, Apple Inc. decided to come with its own variant in the form of iPad Pro that was paired with an Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. The device failed to garner traction since it made of iOS instead of the Mac OSX. On the other hand, Windows 10 added a hint of charm to the Surface series.

This does not end here, Mr. Laycock further added to Apple’s misery by referring to the late CEO, Mr. Steve Jobs. He quoted Apple’s past statements according to which if any Apple product is launched with a stylus, it is destined to fail. Moreover, he cleared that the company can never compete with Microsoft Surface range since the hybrid devices are full-fledged PCs that have a stable ecosystem of apps.

Ironically, whatever Mr. Laycock has said is actually quite true. The iPad Pro was targeting the enterprise consumers and has several applications which are tailored for professional use. Sadly, the device failed to attract the enterprise market since consumers demanded the Mac OSX. Moreover, the analysts who have used the iPad Pro believe that it is good for domestic recreational use.

Under any circumstance, the comments observed by Mr. Laycock pose that the company is extremely confident about its offering and the Surface range has become a huge success amongst the enterprise market. The speculations will gain weightage once Microsoft reveals its quarterly earnings.

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