Nick Woodman To Be Named As The Highest Paid CEO In The US

The director of GoPro is all set to be named as the highest paid CEO in the United States at the age of 39.

In a short span of time, GoPro Inc. has taken over the world without a doubt. GoPro has disrupted the sports merchandise market by manufacturing, designing and selling high definition cameras that are used to record action sports. Previously no such device existed that could capture sports which such precision. Being light weight and wearable, the device has become extremely popular amongst the masses that can now preserve memories, adventure and action with ease. The American company has reached to great heights in a short span of time due to the unique and high end products they manufacture.

The success of GoPro is all due on its CEO, Nick Woodman. It is believed that the director of the company is all set to be named as the highest paid CEO of any company in the United States at just an age of 34. No one was confident about this unique idea of this smart action camera. The reason behind GoPro’s glory is the mastermind Nick Woodman without whom this would not have been possible. Good leadership is extremely important to give the right kick start to any company and that is what describes Nick. So now Nick Woodman with all his charm and glamor is set to pace his way as the highest paid CEO in United States. Not only GoPro is an elite brand but its CEO is also a pricey commodity.

Nick Woodman started his GoPro career as an actor or a model of his self made adverts of the product. After nine long years, the man stands as the billionaire. Not only has this but Mr. Woodman also topped the list of Bloomberg Pay Index. Alex Gauna, an analyst at JMP Securities LLC said “Nick Woodman is a special entrepreneur and is instrumental to the company’s success both through his vision and leadership.” Alex Gauna is a top supporter of the company’s products and GoPro stocks as well.

It all started in 2006 when Nick Woodman and his team launched the first ever first person or action cameras. And in 2009, the company started to sell the digital cameras in High Definition quality. The GoPro products are lighter, small, and waterproof. Apart from its heavy use in sports, TV show directors and movie directors have also started to use them while filming.

Having said that, the company’s products are extremely pricey considering it is the only company in US that manufactures products for extreme sports. However, China is now working on a cheaper version of GoPro where Xiaomi seeks to attract audiences by copying what GoPro offers at fairly affordable rates.

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