Should Apple Take Over Advanced Micro Devices Inc?

Analysts believe that Apple should not acquire Advanced Micro Devices Inc as it will not be fruitful for the company in any way

Apple Inc has lately been under the strict gaze of analysts as the idea of acquiring Advanced Micro Devices has come across the mind of the tech giant, something that some of the analysts don’t seem to agree to. Even though many people believe that for the iPhone 6 company to take over the tech company will be a smart move but not all agree to this. Analysts have closely studied the situation about what effects the company will have if it acquires AMD and they have come to the conclusion that it will be best for the Californian Company to drop the idea.

The fact that AMD has expertise and professionals that are of no good use to Apple is one reason why analysts believe that the merger will not bring out any great results if it is carried out. The graphics processing expertise as well as the CPU core developing professionals of AMD are not going to be any fruitful for the Silicon Valley tech giant.

Other than Apple Inc, one more company which has been in the news for the takeover of the same company is Samsung which, according to news, has also been thinking about acquiring the software company. But for the same reason as Apple, it is also being predicted by analysts that this acquisition might very well not take place.

The main thing that AMD works on is the development of CPU processor, something that Apple Inc is the best at as it has long been producing processing chips that are better than any other company. In this regard, the iPhone company is even better than Samsung as it is still seen to be using Arms core processor which takes the company a step behind in the industry.

As for Apple news, for the process of designing quality graphics, the company has been going through the process of hiring experts in the field for quite some time which shows that it is now self-sufficient in this field as well. Analysts believe that the smartphone company is not trying too hard to make a huge impact in the graphics department. If it wanted to, it could have easily taken over Imagination Technologies, which could have proved to be a far easier and cheaper step for the company to take in order to attain the best of expertise in the industry.

On the other hand, Apple also has teams which handle the system-on-chip program which is another reason why the company does not need a tech firm acquisition which is already doing the things that the Californian Company has been successfully carrying out.

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